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Why People Joined the Beta Reading Team

In response to this question, I recently answered: Because I asked them to.”

But this reply is too simplistic. If anything, it is because each individual decided they wanted to, after I’d asked them.

Trigger then decision.

But why?

There was something about the way I asked, I guess.

The easiest way, perhaps, would be to ask each reader why. Then I might know with better clarity, and see a range of responses.

Human behavior and motivation is at the heart of my work with Yu-kai Chou (, but emotion and logic are at the heart of a work of fiction, too.

Now that readers are reading, the question becomes: Why did you keep reading? Why did you stop reading?

The challenge becomes: Can I keep readers reading till the end? (And keep them wanting more?)

We’ll see :)

Posted on 13/10/2017

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