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waking and walking and writing

I was a bit restless today, but still spent 3 hours on the novel.

I moved around my apartment and Minneapolis, short jogs and a skip (on foot) to the corner grocer to replenish the milk. Vitamin D!

I’m reaching roughly the 18 or 20% mark of the Big Revision #3. This number is made up. It could easily be called Significant Change Of THE Manuscript #9.

I’m not that good at organizing revisions yet, but I am using Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid to map this one, and enjoying it.

Many scenes are waving so long while others tug at me to reconsider.

The same occurs at the level of the paragraph and the sentence and the word.

Meanwhile, I’m learning more and more about my protagonist, particularly her flaws. Always learning haha.

Onward backward?

Some reading:

Just finished Iron Council, now reading the Gulag Archipelago

Posted on 13/10/2017

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