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to mark a moment

the below won’t make sense…it is just notes, my stream of conscious as I connect ideas…I do this regularly…since the below gave me a clearer image of the book’s emotional climax, I wanted to mark the moment in time (even though this happened last night around 9:30)…

upcoming scene: -migration at the lava bridge scene -analogy w/ syrian refugees (also look up other refugee stories… -gulag archipelago…Shay would have been a stone archeaologist (^when they chase Armis to Abyss/Source, do they have a chance to set free all the children archae’s, but if they do, they may not catch up to Armis in time…this way I get the moral philosophy question of do you save them or do you omit to save them and continue the larger quest) [by the way, Armis must have seen something religious etc or in poetry or legends from Mt Yona to make him believe revival is possible…one of the oldest stories, this is good, the old christian myths] anything else w/ Jungian archetypes…damn my storytelling chops are HEATING up…keep them growing like a jumbalaya pot…I’m apprentice to ALL the masters out there…I write to join that conversation, carry Solzhenistn through the ages, just as the sound of stones carries through the ages in the music of the wilders.

Qs…other side of not catching Armis is Tyranny (but Shay will choose a possible Tyranny in order to save the overall project…because there’s some connection she has with the Source…just like she had with the bone in the opening, that is WORTH the risk of tyranny ruining EVERYTHING –> similar to, we will push for AI even with the risk it will end humanity…just as we pursued Atomic weapons…knowledge we’d be better off not knowing…like JBP thinks, we don’t know what we’re leaving out” of a truth-survival equation, so we won’t know if some high knowledge was too dangerous to understand until it is too late, most of the time…slightly different to the falling into the wrong hands’ risk) ^ this is big, this is the emotional conclusion to the book! Shay finds and confronts the culprit, she’s at his mercy, but she figures out how to escape…and instead of shooting him down like she does at Crisis 1, she lowers the arrow, like she does at the Jag chasing her (believeable because she’s lowered her arrow before, at the VERY beginning)…SO she ends the fight with tyranny herself, let’s tyranny go on (a chaos feature in the game)…OR is Armis killing people, the child, and what Rienna is doing, enslaving children an externality that Shay is fine with, to attain greatness there’s something that has to be sacrificed… (it’s like the FBI, it’s a disillusionment)

a well-thought-out critique is gold”

I don’t give much to hope or withful thinking…I just give it my all in everything I’m doing.”

Posted on 13/10/2017

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