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they decided that life was meaningless,

declares a character in my current novel, Eolian Dunes

also thinking about:

avoidance of extremes…

so not only talking, or only listening, but also talking/listening/doing

conversation & action

is it possible that life is both meaningful & meaningless at the same time, or in different contexts?

a throwaway comment, crass, or joke can be forgiven and thereby builds trust will the trust get used? or is this just habit-building, of forgiveness, the dreyfuss moment never comes’ hitch, got to do the small things to be prepared for the big… and… bien sur, allons travailler!

I’m deeply interested in the conflict between meaning and meaninglessness, and how that expresses itself through words and more importantly actions of individuals and groups. My fourth novel will investigate this eternal struggle from the lens of key events in the 21st century, beginning with 9/11.

Posted on 22/10/2018

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