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The Revision Process

Starts with the pitch.

As a novel unfolds, the writer has an advantage over the reader.

In other words, the Louise” view (æ la Arrival). She gets to see the tapestry of events throughout life.

As I prepare to pitch agents sometime in 2017, I’m considering the pitch and query and back cover copy and synopsis, I’m equally making a revision plan after a two-month beta reading session.

I’ve paged through Shawn Coyne’s The Story Grid’, which has helped hone the internal and external content genre of my novel.

External content genre: mystery (specifically, what Coyne terms a Cozy, since the protagonist is an amateur sleuth with special insight or abilities to solve the mystery.)

In his terminology, from an external content standpoint I’ve also written a domestic story, as there are family politics to maneuver.

On the internal side, my protagonist moved through a maturation process (not quite a coming of age), which places the story in the Worldview vertical for internal.

Much more to think through before completing my own story grid ahead of the next revision process.

Until then!

Posted on 13/10/2017

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