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The inciting incident in the middle growth

I’m analyzing the middle 50% of my novel as I aim to plan out a revision using:

  1. Feedback from beta readers
  2. Building current outline of novel using Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid

I’ve already mapped the first 12-13 scenes / chapters of the Beginning.

Thus brings me to the Crossing of the Lava Lake and time in the Desolates.

Probably will spend about 20/30 in each.

Major crisis will be Shay deciding to go to the Desolates to pursue the mystery of the bones. (Versus going back to the Shadows to continue seeking the stories there.)

This could be seen as a minor crisis, unless I raise stakes a bit. She is being pursued and the Shadows is a safe place to hide until things settle down.

(^This could also be the inciting incident for Middle Build)

But if I also include internal object of desire as seeking human belonging, then the chance to meet humans in Haven (and remain secret) is a chance.

I will need to make these two options the choice between irreconcilable goods. Shay can’t have both.

Posted on 13/10/2017

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