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Professor Yodah (short; sci-fi; Advanced Calc School)

I’m trying.

But who doesn’t try?

Yodah struts around all puppet-like, pointing his cane at the three of us competing for the worst grade in Advanced Calculus. Competing not to have the worst grade.

There’s less than 17 minutes left on the digital neon countdown timer above the anachronistic blackboard (Professor Yodah has more than a few soft spots for the old days, where Star Wars only competed with Star Trek, and when chalk still screeched to wake up former versions of me: underperforming students on the verge of dropping out into an unkind real world without a high school diploma).

I spare an eye for Hart. He’s grimacing on page two or three out of ten. Yes, we use paper and pencil. On the mid-semester exam, I tried breaking my pencil, but found Yodah had put a binding on them. Marie, one row over, fidgets, tapping her toes on the tile floor until Yodah’s cane taps her still for the eighth time in the last forty minutes. She actually looks like she’s trying.

I’m still on page one, problem four. Secretly, if I get the worst grade, I won’t be devestated. I’ve been sneaking out of Class 5, Realm 22 for three months between two and five a.m., have almost made enough metal to buy my way to the Crossroads.

I can fail. And I will, worse than Hart or Marie, too. I just can’t appear to do it on purpose. Or Yodah will make me stay.

Notes after reading:

(can I connect w/ girl on the tiger image?)

(what does Yodah look like?)

(so she’s looking for a way out)

can I combine this w/ I learned kung-fu?

Posted on 27/10/2016

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