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paying creative dues

A few things. It’s 2:55 am and been awake for a bit. Even a mattress gets uncomfortable if you stay too long.

There are debts to be paid for craft. You gotta learn it. Let me try again. I got to learn. There is a mathematical spatial artistic magic that we call narrative character conflict setting heart mind story. By writing novels we have begun to map this impressive landscape of our imagination. Not unlike a moral landacape. Sweeping. Are peaks valleys. Valleys peaks? Depends what you think is up, or if the tent within which you rest on your Sisyphus climb is at an angle to gravity. You have a body. And you are a body. Sp gravity is working on you.

I’ve written about 1 million words.

Want to write the next 1 million in journal essay short story daily form, 1,000 at a time, because that is a round square number like 30, the number of spins on Urth I’ve personally taken around Sol.

Could use LeanPub, but let’s not solution too much. Point is daily. What magic comes of it we will see. Share with others for the price of no friction.

That’s a debt paid and repaid.

There are some people who owe me a couple Benjamins and that will take care of itself if Jerry Seinfeld’s Even Steven applies to me, even though I’m neither a Jerry nor Steven. I’m an Erik, hopefully a good and decent and responsible Erik.

That’s a thing. Doing what is meaningful instead of what is expedient. Thanks JBP.

That goes for fiction, debt collection, writing on spec, for wedding planning (want my closest relationships there, and then we will enjoy it, can take island honeymoon later), and for my second million’ (words,

Chosen responsibility is the freedom equivalent to choosing a meaningful life. That is the good life.

Posted on 20/4/2018

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