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Loving It

I’ve been doing some work for,, and Book in a Box.

Content writing and email writing for YukaiChou/OctalysisPrime has improved my ability to synthesize topics from a given behavioral science framework (Yu-kai’s Octalysis). Outbound PR for Book in a Box has improved skills in researching journalists and topics and writing personalized emails.

This work is keeping me sharp in some respects for my true love.

Which, of course, is writing fiction.

Time to carry on.

(I’m in the beta reading phase for Sound of Stone, and I’ve started reworking the main character, a massive challenge. Loving every step of the process. Loving it, meaning the challenge.)

Reading Others’ Writing

I’ve caught up on two short stories I owed my friends.

I want to do more of this. Reading and helping others through my reactions and, occasionally, a suggestion on how to improve their piece.

Posted on 14/11/2016

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