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i set out to write about getting out of a trap

finding this journey by necessity validated the status quo, but acknowledging a running from

and attempted to confront this

through digestion

where did this story immerge/emerge?

what are strategies of confrontation?

what does it mean to chase something?

like a bag of bones one has felt connected to, without prior connection (or seeming to not have prior connection)

to, when unearthing this story, one finds there WAS a connection, a familial and biological and historical connection, what is one to do with that, to be thrust into a different story not of one’s choosing

well, no stories arise of our own choosing, but we are constantly reacting to them, and through our reactions creating new relationships and trajectories and frames

what can you live with, and what can you not live without?

Posted on 22/5/2017

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