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I just realized I could

Use LeanPub with git and Github to organize future articles I write for, say, My 2nd Million (Words), such that like-category aka same-class articles or essays or musings can be found In The Same section of the book! (Not to mention hyperlinks.)

Such a categorization makes it easier for readers Later, while giving me freedom to write Daily Now without fretting about exactly how I will arrange the pieces.

Since the plan is to write my next million words, this is roughly a three-orbjt journey of Sol beginning today!

Oh, and I can add intro material and forward and overture and how to read this book’ later on.

It feels like My Second Million should be a grander yet more thorough exploration of whst is trying to accomplish, but not only for fiction-related or creative pursuits. I want to discuss anything that is on my mind.

Including Junot Diaz’s charge to bring news of the world.

Including my reading of Solzhenitsyn, which is to go really deep into one’s mistakes, moral and otberwise, and pay one’s dues. Even if it takes a lifetime.

Including Hitchens’ rallying cry in Letters to a Young Contrarian, Allons Travailler!

Posted on 20/4/2018

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