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I attended Minicon 53 yesterday

Yesterday I attended Minicon, where I had some lovely conversations about repeatability of experiments (with real scientists!) and listened to a discussion on how mystery and detective elements can work within a science fiction or fantasy novel.

I met a geologist. She helped use cosmogenic nuclides to make the first age graphs of the physical landscapes all around us.

It was satisfying to be far from the most well-read, interesting, and intelligent person in the room. Just by listening I learned.

Since I submitted Sound of Stone to agents in March, I’ve dedicated my surplus attention to reading. In particular, I’m on a mission to better understand the history of science fiction (I recommend starting with episode 14). Here’s my nascent reading list on Goodreads drawn from this series. Oh! It’s fun to trace the influences of my favorite writers.

Example: H.G. Wells –> William Hope Hodgson –> H.P. Lovecraft –> China Miéville

Speaking of influences, I got my 23andme back. I’ll share more about it next time, but I can mention my top areas were Scandinavian (30%) and Southeast Asian (14%).

Posted on 1/4/2018

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