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Dear China Mieville

When people ask me which writer has most influence my young career, I usually say you.

If anyone approached me requiring someone knowledgeable in surrealistist art, radical politics, and the written word, I’d go to you (The Last Days of New Paris). You made Thibault come to life.

The Bas Lag universe came to me at age 28, the same age you won the Arthur C. Clarke for it with Perdido Street Station. Damn.

Iron Councils imagination made me strive to get stranger (at least when I had the urge to).

Then I read The City & the City. Clever premise, told quietly, with a murder mystery of course. I’ve taken to heart what you said about using standard-ish plots to give some foundation, then let creativity fill in the shadows and slants.

I know I’ll have more to say soon.

I’ll sign off for today, December 14, 2016. 12.14.16 if you like. Off to make a painting with words.

Posted on 14/12/2016

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