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Day to Day, goals and pathways for 2018

Day to day, 50/50 between Octalysis and Fiction

50% Octalysis Prime. We now have 99 members and I’m taking on the Community Manager role 100%

50% Writing and other activities. It is hard to be creative every moment of the day, if not only because I usually don’t know what I’m doing when I’m being creative (and it doesn’t feel good to not know what I’m doing all day). Of course, there is craft in writing, so I can improve on craft (and narrative) even if the art’ part of fiction writing remains mysterious.

  1. SOUND OF STONE: with agents (1 partial request, many rejections, still awaiting more than half of submissions)
  2. EOLIAN DUNES: working on 2nd draft, due to my editor April 26
  3. ESTRANGEMENT: outlining quietly and reading a few novels in preparation

Eolian Dunes should be ready to go to agents by July/August

Estrangement writing will begin around the time I complete agent submissions for Eolian Dunes.

Posted on 27/3/2018

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